Rough Sex 10.23.19

Do you like it rough? We sure as fuck do. Join the girls for Laura's favorite search term as they discuss the delicacy of choking, a good spank and just how hot consent can be. 


Water Sports 10.16.19

And we’re not talking about water polo, honey. The girls dive into the world of wild wetness and what fuels these deviant desires. Even if pee play isn’t your thing, aren’t you just a little bit curious...?

Romantic Bathroom Sex - Bruce and Morgan

Big Tits with Josh Ruben 10.9.19

We'll keep your hands full with this one! The hilarious Josh Ruben stops by to hear the fascinating tale of Rachel's own big titty journey. Tune in to hear about Norma's cartoonishly large cans, hungry hungry tit bros and of course, Rachel's lucky fin. Honk if you love big honkers! 

Titty Titty Bang Bang

Feet 10.2.19

Are you listening, Tarantino? We've got the #1 fetish on our hands this week - feet! The girls have lots of questions about all the angles of podiphilia and why folks love it so damn much.They also review an extra hot video from XConfessions that's set in Laura's horniest location - a library.  

Do You Find My Feet Suckable?

Bisexual Threesomes with Molly-Margaret Johnson 9.25.19

Pick a third, any third! Tune in for this friendly search term with resident threesome expert, Molly-Margaret Johnson! She shares tips and tricks for threesome newbies along with evolving porn tastes and the power of an emotional climax. Everybody’s welcome :)

Trinity: Part 3

Creampie 9.18.19

Closing your legs won't contain this episode! Creampie is one of the girls' favorite acts IRL and they're here to discuss the logistics, the hotness of a "please" and they consider the question - does semen really contain antidepressants? Finish strong, everybody!

Your Company is My Pleasure

Mature 9.11.19

We, like a fine wine, just keep getting better with age. And since we're on the subject, why don't you pour yourself a glass and settle in for some slightly older adult entertainment? Rachel and Laura talk about how hard the search can be for two mature lovers but that once you find it, you're statistically more likely to watch for longer. And they have some notes for Sally D'Angelo who is still faking orgasms after all these years! 

Soul Sex with John and Annie

Pussy Licking 9.4.19

Laura and Rachel dive head first into this delicious topic. They discuss their best positions for cumming, what “hardcore” pussy eating means, and the surprising searches that came up on International Women's Day. Finger lickin' good!

Eating Out Magic

Teen 8.28.19

Barely 18 - but definitely at least 18! Join Rachel and Laura as they reflect on their own teenage sex lives, the construct of virginity, and why this search term is actually declining in popularity. Mmmm smells like teen spirit!

Coming of Age

Asian and Queer Asian with Diana Oh 8.21.19

The girls get deep with multi hyphenate Diana Oh as they discuss play parties, staying present and why certain porn should be mandatory for all young people. Bonus: why queer folk are miles ahead of heteros in sex innovation - stay tuned to learn about the importance of leverage and concepts you may have never heard of....

J Bird and Rose Waters

Princess Leia Lesbian Overload

The Lion King vs. The Loin King 8.14.19

Who does the Lion sleep with tonight? In this very special episode twist, the girls watch the new live action remake of "The Lion King" to prepare for the porn parody: "The Loin King". This instant classic features such songs as “Hot Cum on My Ta-Tas” and “Can You Feel My Muff Tonight?”. Ain't no worries, for the rest of your lays...

The Loin King

Amateur 8.7.19

Ain't nothing like the real thing, baby! Amateur is one of the most popular search terms in the world and the girls get right in there with not one but two Make Love Not Porn videos. And we couldn’t talk amateur without the most popular Pornhub couple out there: leolulu. Tune in for a sexy and surprising way to use a pillow case...!


Twink with Noah Galvin 7.31.19

Twinkle, twinkle, we’ve got a star! The girls welcome Noah Galvin (Booksmart, Dear Evan Hansen) to review a deep cut from Noah's own spank bank. Listen as they dive into his experience playing a young Dan Savage on The Real O'Neals, evolving from MMF to MM porn, and the etymology of "Twink." Cum on down for a gay ol’ time!

Raw Rubdown

Gang Bang 7.24.19

A popular female fantasy *and* a potentially problematic search term...we’re talking Gang Bangs! Does this slippery concept automatically mean misogyny, or can it be a fetish about being the center of attention? The girls talk about being the star of the show, multitasking dick stuff, plus the tricky mechanics of ghost sex. Bonus: who's Old Man Gang Bang? 

Nympho Goddess Whore Taken Down and Gang Banged by Greek Council

Trans with Jessy Dubai 7.17.19

There's a little something for everyone on this week's episode. The girls welcome trans adult star Jessy Dubai to talk about her life and success in the porn industry. They discuss why trans porn might be great for couples, some of the traps and tropes of mainstream porn...and how delicious a safe word can be. 

Transexually Speaking: Jessy Dubai, Ruckus


Hey Mickey, you're so fine - you're so fine, we blew our load, hey Mickey! Whether you're into the high school fantasy or you get in the mood after watching the Superbowl, the girls are here to stretch your knowledge and test what you think you know about these athletic supporters. Debbie may do Dallas - but we're doing everythingggg.

Let Me See Your Ponytail Swing

Solo Male 7.3.19

If you haven’t learned yet – we like to watch. On this week’s episode, the girls *sneak a peek at what you do in your bedroom alone. They talk about masturbation cults, that men love a woman watching a man, and Rachel’s soft spot for a sweet sweet fap.

Bishop Black: Solo

Cuckold with Arielle Kaplan 6.26.19

On this week’s episode, Arielle Kaplan (Whoregasmic, Seven Minutes in Heaven podcast) joins the girls to do more than just watch. This search term isn’t all about humiliation – learn alongside the girls about the long history of cuckolds up through today’s interpretations. Plus one of the girls wants to try out a cuckold scenario IRL. Tune in for the dirty deets!

Katrina and Nigel

Blowjobs 6.19.19

Slide up your kneepads and tie your hair back because in this episode we are going down! Listen to the girls dig deep into their own first experiences and middle school misunderstandings about giving head. (Do you blow on it? Can you use your hands?) And find out who gets turned on giving head, who even watches blowjobs in porn, and whether or not cum always has a hint of bleach flavoring. 

"Around the World in 80 Ways: Belgrade"


We all had to start somewhere - and that somewhere was probably Wild Things. Join the girls as they take a break from the XXX and turn to the best (and the worst) R rated scenes that made you wish you hadn't gone to the movie theater with your mom.

Machines with MacKenzie Peck 6.5.19

Machines were created to make people's lives easier - and sex is no exception. MacKenzie Peck (Math Magazine) joins the girls to understand the world of sybians, vibrators and where the name Steely Dan originated. Good vibrations only!

"Pile Driver and Sybian Fucking"

"FemCar Get Busy"

Threesome with Mickey Mod 5.29.19

Is three a crowd? Porn star Mickey Mod (a GoP favorite!) joins Laura and Rachel as their third to talk about life in the industry, the mechanics of a successful threesome, and to review a film starring Mickey himself: “L’appel du Vide.” Listen to find out if the girls can keep their cool while talking to someone they have def jilled off to.

"L'appel du Vide"

VINTAGE 5.22.19

Have you got a taste for nostalgia? The girls look back to bad lighting, jazzy synth underscoring and full bushes. This blast from the past will hopefully make you blast in the present!

"Private Pleasures"

Daddy with Philippe Bowgen 5.15.19

Live out all your daddy issues (and fantasies) in this episode with the hilarious Philippe Bowgen. He joins the girls to talk about the different types of daddies: silver, muscle, gorilla (!) and what the qualifications are to be one. Is it age or an attitude?

"Manuel Skye Manhandles Tyler Reign"

Pegging 5.8.19

Strap in, and well, on - it's going to be a bumpy ride! Ease into this week's episode as our hosts take you through pegging's origins with the Marquis de Sade all the way up to Dan Savage and Broad City. Be sure to tune in because this is Rachel's favorite search term!

"Dominate Me"

Outdoor 5.1.19

Let's take the party outside! Tune in to hear about agoraphilia, Logan Longcock grilling up some weiners and the dirty details about how our hosts lost their virginity.


JOI with Jake and Amir 4.24.19

JOI stands for Jerk Off Instruction – but do the girls stan this search term? Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenfeld (If I Were You) are here to chat about the wide world of jerk off videos, why JOIs for women don’t exist, and listen to a surprising blow job that no one saw coming.

"Julie Ann Therapy Session JOI"

"Smell Mistress Mistress Bijoux Pussy"

Lesbian 4.17.19

The #1 search term in the world for the last four years is here! Monica Raymund (Hightown, Chicago Fire) joins the girls to dish about lesbian porn and sexual discovery plus the very important difference between tribbing and scissoring. 

"The Sweetness of You"

"Double Ended"

TATTOOS 4.10.19

You see it, you like it, you ink it, you jill it! The girls were surprised to find that "tattoo" was the 7th most popular search term in 2018. Listen as they discuss their taste in body art and whether or not they'd fuck Bryan Gozzling. 

"Ink is My Blood"


Ah yes, the age old question: Is it female ejaculation or is it squirting? ...or is it pee? Our girls can’t wait to spill loads of research about this elusive act. We’ll learn who’s a squirter denier and whether girl cum contains some of the same stuff as....boy cum? Tune in as this is sure to be a dripping wet hot episode.

Orgy 3.27.19

Gabrielle Alexa (HuffPo, Tinder), a sex positive writer/babe, joins the girls to talk about all things bacchanalian. Plus: their first experiences with porn, how no one wants to be benched during an orgy, and why you may want to leave that fishnet dress at home! Also, where do orgies even happen?

The Decadence

BDSM 3.20.19

Strap in and remember your safe word, because we’re talking bondage, baby! On this week's episode, the girls discuss Sasha Grey's pubes plus you'll learn which of our hosts has been tied up and what SSC means!


ANAL 3.13.19

Hopefully you’ve got some poppers and brought enough lube for this episode because the girls are knockin' on your back door! Tune in to hear what the anal sex bargaining chip might get you in your relationship, and why you should never sort your porn search results by “top rated.”

"His Was First in My Ass"

PARODY - 3.6.19

Because if you've seen it, there's probably a porn of it. BriTANick comedy duo Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney (SNL, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) join the show to talk about a comedy sketch of theirs that was parodied (stolen), and to review Bob’s Boners with the girls. Spoiler: It's not as good as the original.

BriTANicK's “Boys Night In

Lovin That Porno Vibe”

Bob’s Boners” 

MILF - 3.6.19

AKA Mom I’d like to F**K! From its humble beginnings in 1999’s American Pie (shout out to creative masturbation) to becoming the 3rd most searched term on Pornhub in 2018. Tune in to find out what the girls think of Brandi Love’s “to do list”, an analysis of slurpy derpy blow jobs and what Rachel likes to say in bed!

I Found Your Mother on Tinder